Studienteilnehmer gesucht

15. November 2018 - 10:09

Studienteilnehmer gesucht

Information letter

Dear Coaches,

In the context of the Bachelor program Psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, we are doing a field study on the self-regulation capacity within sport-coaches. We would like to ask you to participate in our study. Before you make a decision concerning your participation, it is important for you to know a bit more about this study. That is why we would like you to read this information letter carefully before making a decision.

What is the goal of this research?

With this research we are trying to create more knowledge about self-regulation capacities within sport-coaches. There is already a lot of research done concerning the self-regulation capacities of athletes, but there is only little known about this topic and the coaches.

How will this research be carried out?
After reading this information letter, you can decide if you would like to participate in this study or not. If you decide not to participate there will be no consequences. If you decide to participate in our research you would have to fill in a questionnaire that will maximal cost you 20 minutes. Afterwards we would like to do a short interview with you. You are free to stop at any point during the study without consequences. Important to mention is that all your data will be proceeded anonymously.

After the research
If you are interested in the results of this study, we can send you a summary of the most important results and the conclusions. If you would like to receive them, please fill in your email here:

If there are some questions left you can contact the research team via this mail address:

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